Propane Tank Installation:

We are your area’s premier residential and commercial propane tank provider! We do complete installations and repairs for home owners and residential properties.

We offer competitive pricing, great customer service and fast delivery!

Propane Tank Installation: We can set you up with new service and have delivery in your area, usually within 24 hours! Getting you immediate service to your home isn’t an extra charge, it is just our promise of providing great service to you.

The areas we serve are: Cherokee, Dawson, Forsyth, Hall, Lumpkin, North Fulton, Pickens, White and Lake Lanier areas.

Above Ground Propane Tanks or Below Ground: Our tanks can be placed below ground or above ground. All of our steel tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the prices will vary based on several factors.

If you have a new home, please call us to discuss your options for propane tank placement. As the homeowner, you can choose to have the tank buried and dig the hole yourself, or make an appointment with us so we can place it underground for you.

Digging a hole for the tank: If you choose to dig the hole for the tank yourself, we will need these specific depths for the tank:

On each side for the tank, we need 1 foot or more spacing in the ground. We need it to be deep enough to hold the tank completely. At the top of the tank, we will need 2 feet or more for the tank connectors and the riser.

Propane Tank Burial Fee: Our fees start at a conservative base rate for the hole to be dug, and then vary on the size that you need to hold your tank. Please call us to discuss your tank size and options for tank burial. We may need special equipment to be present at the time of the tank burial, so we need to discuss your placement of the tank, first.

*If you have an established home with propane in place, and are calling for a price comparison, we welcome all of your questions! Call us at 706-344-1427 for a price estimate.

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